Resident Evil Marathon - 2012

Posted by Matt on October 3, 2012

Hey everyone! We are really excited for our first marathon and wanted to post the details here.

Dates: October 5th-7th 2012
Game play order: 

  1. Resident Evil 0 - Matt
  2. RE: Remake - Ian
  3. RE: Directors Cut - Matt
  4. RE2 Claire A - Caleb
  5. RE3: Nemesis - Tami
  6. RE2 Leon B - Caleb
  7. RE: Code: Veronica X - Ian/Tami
  8. RE4 - Ian
  9. RE5 - Caleb
  10. Resident Evil 6 - All of us!

Make sure to tune in for the as much as you can as we will be giving away Steam games as prizes!  We are really excited about this marathon so we'll see you on the stream!

If you guys want to do some advertisment for us fell free to post this banner Caleb whipped up for us:

Resident Evil Poster