Summer Marathon

Posted by Tami on March 28, 2013

Hey guys! Thanks again for all the support during the Disney Marathon! I had an absolutely magical and somewhat sleep deprived time playing our way through childhood classics. I hope you all enjoyed watching.

During the marathon, we asked you all to vote for the theme of our summer event. In the running, we had Sonic, Best of Sega Genesis, Best of Nintendo 64, Megaman, or The Legends of Zelda. The polls are in, and the outstanding-winner-by-a-landslide is: dmdn cncmd cmcmmcmc *drums on keyboard* NINTENDO 64!!!

For the N64 Summer Marathon, each of us at GNW will be picking our favorite games to play through including some versus games. If there’s a game that you would really love to see us play through, let us know at And we’ll see what we can do.

Check back for the full schedule, and don’t forget to follow us at